Friday, February 27, 2015

Quick Update - Not Attending Chicago Zine Fest 2015

Crucial Changes will not be attending Chicago Zine Fest this year.  The fest itself had trouble securing a location, and pushed back registrations two months later than previous years.  For some reason registrations went up on a Sunday, a day I was too busy with other things going on to bother to register a table.

Zine production as a whole has been put on hold until further notice.  Photo updates will be posted once I shoot and develop the remaining rolls that I have.  Scene Reports will also be reported once I feel fit to do so.  Other projects are in the works, with more details as they happen.  Peace.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mid-Winter Update 2015

View from the CCHQ
We are approaching halfway through the winter and I felt I should share with the active readers of the blog just exactly has been going on behind the scenes of the CCHQ.  I've been waiting patiently for the official dates for this years Chicago Zine Fest to be announced, something that usually happens mid-December, yet there hasn't been a peep of info if the fest is even going to happen this year,  Because of this, I have put most creative projects on hold.  I recently purchased, as mentioned before, a bed scanner to allow me for the first time to create a true cut and paste zine.

Within the last six months, I have been lagging with quarterly scene reports with only a trickle of news through the grapevine about what bands have been doing creatively.  I also felt that the same 2-3 bands have been keeping things active and far as releasing recorded material and playing out of town.  However, shows have still been going on, albeit mostly in 21+ bars, with some still happening in the basements.  I do have some film of show pix to develop and share within this time that will be featured in an update per usual.

2014 Recap:  In this section I'm not gonna list all the albums and eps that make a year-end best of list.  I've had turntable problems and they have just recently been resolved leaving me in a position of catching up on everything I have bought within the last 4-6 months.  If you MUST know what they are ask me in an email or come over the CCHQ and listen to the records with me in person.  In other 2014 recap news, I feel like I went to more goth EDM shows than any other genres combined.  The icing on the cake was seeing Skinny Puppy early in the year down in Lawrence, KS who performed well beyond my expectations.

Moving Forward - What to expect in 2015:  Crucial Changes will forever be grounded in punk and hardcore.  That being said, content may continue to be sparse with musicians and those in the scene gravitating towards musical projects outside the limitations of the music and scene this blog is based on.  There has been an on-going young punk scene emerging within Omaha that I would like to cover once the bands get serious enough to release material.  I have recently seen talented and promising young bands live that I hope stick with what they are doing and become the torch carriers for the next wave.

Final Thoughts:   Do feel that Crucial Changes can do MORE to cover the local punk and hardcore scene?  Let me know.  If  your band doesn't reach the most tried and true fans of punk and hardcore in your community, how can you expect anyone else to know?  As always I commit myself to keeping Crucial Changes alive and continue to report and talk about bands within the underground scene that is ultimately ignored by the mainstream media outlets.  Any constructive criticism is welcomed.  Peace.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Rant: Why represses will NEVER be listed as a year ending best album at CCHQ

     As you very well know, this is the time of year where every culture centered writer will post their "best of" lists for the previous year.   A lot of these opinions can be very insightful;  with the reviewers choices can often lead to surprises, and enlightening the reader towards something that may have been overlooked throughout the year.  Lets face it, with an over abundance of new music, movies, video games, books, etc. in this digital age it can be a daunting task to filter out all the bullshit to get to what is the cream of the crop.  Reviewers can take out a lot of that time wasted to find out what is good or bad, giving you much more time to play Call Of Duty death matches or post selfies on Instagram.  However, reviews are EXTREMELY subjective, especially here at the CCHQ.

     I can agree that most bullshit music outside of underground music has it's  time and place with most people, but this rant isnt about populous music, it is about underground music and how albums that would follow under the CLASSIC/ESSENTIAL category that got a squeaky clean repress is making year end best of lists is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!  I can explain it easily.  Punk, hardcore, metal, etc. (any genre or hobby rather), TIME tells what is classic and essential.  It is a proven fact that the s/t Negative Approach 7" is essential.  It is a proven fact that Poison Idea Pick Your King 7" is essential.  How do I know?  Because time has proven than even with technical studio advancements, and band playing more proficient, they still can't capture the essence of what the pioneers laid down as the groundwork.  Yes I have purchased quite a few of essential repressed records within the last year.  It's a good opportunity to save money and let the OG pressings have a rest.  HOWEVER, and I mean a huge HOWEVER...  that does not mean that CURRENT bands are not churning out music that is worth your time in checking out.  I find it a major slap in the face to the current band who are out there playing out, touring, being the trenches while a reviewer will choose a classic official repress for a year end list.  Mind you, I feel everyone has the right to their own opinion, but if the best you can do for a year end best of review is a repress of a classic album, you are a lazy asshole.  End rant.


p.s.  2014 year end list and winter scene report coming soon.  Cheers!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Scene Report 2014

Fall Scene Report 2014


Hardcore/grind unit Powerslop will soon have the vinyl ready for sale of their new album Funky God via Nihilism Records. The band will also play two more record release shows in December.  In other Omaha news, Heavy rockers Feral Hands will be granted an opportunity to play support for NOLA sludge legends EYEHATEGOD, Nov. 17th at The Bourbon in Lincoln.  Also playing support for the show is the evil Vickers and Gordon Shumway. There is a new stoner metal band in town called Super Moon have been playing out who bring a strong dose of technical proficiency to their live show.  I can see them playing larger bar shows in the near future.  In final news, the local noise scene continues to put on a string of shows recently, featuring local acts Ruby Block, CBS, and Grabass.


Bent Life

Hardcore band Bent Life have recently filmed their first music video for an upcoming 2-song 7” titled Cheat Death released via Bad Teeth Recordings.  The band is also currently on tour playing a string of Midwest dates.  Also in Lincoln, the premiere leather daddy Plack Blague continues to play out seemingly every weekend, taking advantage to play shows for new audiences.  Plack Blague also has recently released a 7” Leather Band via Cubicle Records out of Los Angeles.

Crucial Changes News

Things have been a bit slow here at the CCHQ due to technical difficulties.  However, bugs are starting to get a bit straightened out, and things will be back to normal soon.  As mentioned recently, I finally have acquired a bed scanner, allowing me more creative freedom.  There will be a design shift in all forthcoming zines and other printing projects.  Expect a few photo updates in the near future as well.  That's it for now.  Peace!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blog update - Still alive

Even though things have been slow at the CCHQ, Crucial Changes the blog and all things related are still alive.  It's been a frustrating 6 weeks due technical setbacks that have prevented me from uploading photos and producing the fall zine.  I have temporarily solved the problems I've had uploading photos, but it will continue to be a problem unless I buy a new PC tower (a major purchace I don't want to make at the moment).  I however have acquired a bed scanner the does work, so now I'll be able to move forward with my new zine ideas and will be able to start working on them right away.  I still have a photo update from the Nebraska Hardcore Showcase that will be posted within the next few days, so be on the lookout for that.  Also,  expect a fall scene report posted friday, plus a fall zine update.  That's it for now, more updates soon.  Peace.


Sunday, October 19, 2014